Are personalized Vitamins Bad For You?

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Are personalized Vitamins Bad For You?

December 7, 2017 Individualized Vitamin plans 0

Most people can benefit from taking a daily vitamin and mineral supplement. No matter how hard you try to eat healthy food, it’s tough to cover all of your bases in a day with a typical diet. If you don’t always worry about eating a balanced diet, you have more reasons for taking a custom made vitamin plan. However, you have probably seen some advice to take mega-doses or large quantity supplements. In some cases, large doses of certain vitamins and minerals can actually work against you and have some negative effects on your health and lead to unbalances.

Are Personalized Vitamin packs better for you than Generic vitamins?

These are some extreme situations that you should be aware of before choosing to purchase your own daily vitamins:

* Vitamin A: You can consume Vitamin A in lots of colorful vegetables and fruit. For example, just 1/4 cup of sweet potatoes or 1/2 of a carrot will give you plenty of Vitamin A for the day. If you take a Vitamin A or beta-carotene supplement, you could increase your risk of developing lung cancer if you smoke. In one study, researchers ended a study earlier than planned because they found the risk was so high to continue.

* Vitamin E: You can get half of your suggested intake of Vitamin E from a serving of cereal. You take a supplement that makes up the daily intake however, researchers found that people who consumed too much of this supplement had an increased risk of heart failure.

* Calcium: Most people know that calcium helps to build strong bones and teeth. It also promotes some other processes in the body. However, too much calcium may actually work in reverse and encourage brittle bones and heart disease. It’s probably best to get most of your calcium from healthy dairy products, tofu, and other sources of custom supplementation.

Should You Take Vitamins and supplements?

It’s unlikely that a typical one-a-day supplement will hurt you if you are relatively healthy and enjoy a fairly healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, some people can increase their risk of developing illnesses because they take too much of a supplement. If you decide to buy mega-vitamins, please research the pros and cons of taking these extra vitamins or minerals before you make the decision of implementing them into your diet.

You should not think of supplements as a nutritional insurance plan. Instead, your balanced diet should provide most of the vitamins that you need to function well. In fact, many doctors will say that most supplements don’t really help if you’re already fairly healthy and focus on eating a good diet. If you eat too much of certain nutrients, your body will just flush out the excess as waste. Along with the wasted nutrients, you might also waste your money on extra supplements. This is why we encourage you to take our Health Evaluation to construct a custom vitamin pack that will best suit your needs.

If you have concerns, speak with your doctor about supplements that you might consider taking. This is particularly true if you already take medications for existing health conditions or certain risk factors. Click here to learn more about our Personalized Vitamin supplements


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